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A giant octopus. It has seven tentacles. Each tentacle has sign. Signes from left to right: research, sales, marketing, IR, consulting, business dev, legal. There is the logo of the company in the center of it body. 'Better call SOL' written in the center of the octopus' body. The octopus has a robotic head. There is a brain with sign 'your projects' inside the head.

More than just your
hands in the world
of crypto marketing.


  • Assessing the product's alignment with market needs and adapting development strategies to achieve maximum efficiency.

  • Moving from traditional internet to decentralized applications, including strategies for integrating blockchain technologies into your business.

  • Exploring token economics, including the creation, distribution, and management of digital asset value within a project.

  • Developing a business model and financial planning aimed at sustainable growth and profitability.

  • Providing legal consultations on issues related to launching and managing a business in the digital technology sector.


  • Strategies for preparing and presenting your project to potential investors for successful funding.

  • Managing reputation and establishing trust in your brand among customers and partners.

  • Developing strategies for attracting investments and fundraising to finance your project.

  • Our crypto fundraising method is research-based and covers everything from media outreach, SEO, and social media to creating materials like whitepapers and blogs, generating token excitement, working with IDO launchpads, influencer marketing on Twitter and YouTube, and post-IDO strategies to manage the market and boost trading volume.

Go to Market

  • Planning and implementing strategies for successful entry into new markets.

  • Managing pricing and revenue to optimize your business's profitability.

  • Expanding community engagement through marketing and communication strategies to strengthen brand loyalty.

expansion and

  • Methods and strategies for accelerating your project's growth, including scaling operations and optimizing processes.

  • Optimizing mobile applications to enhance their visibility and effectiveness in app stores.

  • Managing the Product and analyzing unit economics to improve business efficiency.

  • Strategies for scaling your business in new markets, including product adaptation and marketing approaches.


  • Consulting on management strategies aimed at optimizing business processes and enhancing team efficiency.

  • Optimizing operational activities to increase productivity and reduce costs.

  • Improving sales methods to increase sales volumes and commercial activity efficiency.

  • Characteristics of marketing and sales in the B2B segment, including strategies for interacting with corporate clients.

  • Managing human resources, including hiring, training, and developing staff to achieve company goals.

What we don't do

We don't
mark up the price

We don't
sell bullshit

We don't

We don't get carried
away by bureaucracy

about us

The Better call SOL team is a group of blockchain believers and enthusiasts, who gathered around the same idea — to offer a unique skill set and help improve the space. We saw an opportunity to make changes others hadn’t yet attempted — and took it.

The first step? Professionally run community management services that would forever change how people could be reached through social media or other places online. From there, things just grew from one successful endeavor into another through offering integral and innovative blockchain solutions addressing pain points across all areas related to the rapidly expanding blockchain, DeFi, and NFT markets.

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